Rebuild Nebraska responds to LB 461 advancement

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Jordan Rasmussen, Center for Rural Affairs, 402.687.2100 ext. 1032;
Amber Hansen, Community Action of Nebraska, 402.471.3714;
Ann Hunter-Pirtle, Stand for Schools, 402.413.0162; or 
Rhea Landholm, Center for Rural Affairs communications manager,, 402.687.2100 ext 1025

Lyons, Neb. - The Rebuild Nebraska coalition and coalition members Center for Rural Affairs, Community Action of Nebraska and Stand for Schools released a statement this morning regarding LB 461. The Nebraska legislative bill advanced from the Revenue Committee yesterday.

“This is unsound fiscal policy. While depressed commodity prices play a role, fiscal policy is what got us here today,” said Jordan Rasmussen, policy program associate at the Center for Rural Affairs. “Rural Nebraska is suffering and this bill further demonstrates that lawmakers do not fully grasp the impact high property taxes have on their constituents. LB 461 only helps wealthy urbanites and does nothing to address the fundamental needs of rural Nebraska.”

“This minimal tax relief does not help low income families who are struggling to make ends meet. Further, they would see a larger reduction in services their families depend on, such as health care, affordable day care and quality public education. The nominal Earned Income Tax Credit increase will do nothing to help the elderly, individuals who are disabled or people without children in the home,” said Amber Hansen, executive director of Community Action of Nebraska. “Thriving communities need adequate revenue to support public safety, quality education and infrastructure. And cutting revenue by millions of dollars puts the quality of life Nebraska is known for at risk and is misguided policy at a time in which we already face a budget shortfall.”

“Nebraska schools are already asked to do more with less. Given the tight budgets our state's schools are already operating under, it's dangerous for state lawmakers to consider tax breaks. They will only cut into the budgets of schools across the state," said Ann Hunter-Pirtle, executive director at Stand for Schools. “By threatening state investment in public schools, districts would be forced to either raise property taxes to make up the difference or slash non-required programs like AP, International Baccalaureate, sports and extracurriculars. Frankly, we cannot continue to mortgage our kids' future, let alone their education, to give the wealthiest Nebraskans a tax break.”

LB 461 is an income and property tax bill that would cut top individual and corporate income tax rates and change how farmland and ranchland are valued for property tax purposes.

Rebuild Nebraska is a coalition of stakeholders, non-profit organizations and individuals dedicated to rebuilding Nebraska’s families, communities, businesses, schools, infrastructure and workforce through a stable, sustainable and progressive tax system.

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