Turkey Time

The cloture vote on the farm bill failed, so the farm bill is put on hold until at least December.  Starting later today, the Senate will go on a 2 week vacation- I mean recess- for Thanksgiving,


Majority Leader Reid filed for cloture on the entire farm bill yesterday afternoon. The cloture request will "ripen" early tomorrow. At that point the Senate will vote on whether to end debate on the farm bill.

Stand Up for Family Livestock Producers

In a world where meatpackers own all the livestock, there is no room for family farmers and ranchers. Meatpackers own livestock in order to manipulate markets – killing their own animals when prices are high and buying from ranchers when prices are low.

Livin' On a Prayer

The chances for a farm bill passing the Senate this year are rapidly dimishing. Last night it appeared that a deal had been struck to consider a certain list of amendments.  Apparently, that deal went down in flames.


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