What’s So Big About Microenterprise?

Microenterprises are businesses with five or fewer employees. At the Center for Rural Affairs, we work every day to ensure that the 2007 farm bill includes the kinds of rural economic development strategies that actually work in rural communities, like investment in microenterprise.

Working Together We Can Do More

Not all farming and ranching communities have the traditional amenities that some touristy communities have such as beaches or mountains, but virtually all of our rural communities have space and often lots of it. Uncrowded natural land is hard to come by and is going to become a more valuable asset for rural communities in years to come.

Do Something More for Your Community

Many rural communities are suffering these days. It’s not an uncommon sight to see businesses closing and residents moving away to bigger towns in search of work. Communities, their residents and leaders, sometimes think that the answer to reviving their main streets is recruiting big business. But industry comes and goes, and it’s not uncommon for a recruited business to abandon a community, leaving individuals jobless and the town in despair.


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