Family Feud, Part 2

After our opinion piece ran in the Grand Forks Herald right before Christmas, Senator Conrad responded with a letter of his own.  In case you didn't know, this is the sort of thing that pleases us to no end.  While we don't particularly enjoy being criticized, having a United States Senator respond to our writing must mean we're doing something right.  Anyway, here's Senator Conrad's response:

We're Back!

After an extended blog holiday, we're back and ready to start back up.  Not coincidentally, the Farm Bill conference committee is about to get formally underway, and we, of course, have some feelings about that.

We're currently visiting California for the Sustainable Agriculture Coalition meeting in Pacific Grove, California- where it is 50 degrees and sunny.  This is a far cry from the home office, where it is somewhere near 0, with at least ten inches of snow on the ground.  However, there is a lot of traffic here.  Much more than rural Nebraska.

Lil’ Business Reaps Big Rewards from MarketPlace

Running a business is hard work and finding information on how to finance and professionally run a business can be even harder. Now there is a conference to assist those searching for that information - MarketPlace: Opening Doors to Success.

My New Years Resolution for Rural Nebraska: Attend MarketPlace

It’s the start of a new year and with that comes resolutions. Generally we resolve to do the same thing year after year, but before the holiday decorations even come down, our well intended plans have been forgotten. Whether you own a small business, farm or ranch, or just want your community to thrive, here is a resolution you can easily follow through and see immediate results – attend the second annual MarketPlace entrepreneurship conference.


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