That Which Does Not Kill Us Makes Us Stronger

The people that strive to make a living off the land and the people striving to make a living in communities surrounding the land endure many hardships, but we are a determined bunch and know the joys of living in a rural community outweigh the struggles.

A Little of This, A Little of That

After our recent rant on the interstate shipment of state-inspected meat, we find yet another reason to embrace state inspections. State inspectors- not the USDA- discovered the tainted meat behind the two latest meat recalls. How about that. Some nice reporting by Chris Clayton over at the DTN Ag Policy Blog.

Fruit Loops

Last week saw the publication of a couple of choice items in the press that we are just now getting around to.

First up, a good article in the New York Times surveys the political clout of the specialty crop lobby during the 2007 Farm Bill- and finds it wanting:

Size Matters

Yesterday a bit of a blog brouhaha erupted over at Ethicurean regarding a certain provision in the 2007 House Farm Bill. Today, a really excellent post from Elanor at Ethicurean went more in-depth and explained the issue in question far better than I can, so if you want the respectable, reasonable, and all-around proper blog post, go there. When aggravated, I am not reas


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