Cultural Smorgasbord in a Rural School

A few months ago I wrote about a unique situation in Wausa, Nebraska. The school system was in danger of being phased out due to a lack of students. Superintendent Bob Marks came up with a plan to recruit foreign exchange students to fill the population needs of the school.

Commencement Kudos to 2008 Graduates

In an annual newsletter tradition we recognize members of the Center for Rural Affairs family experiencing the thrill of graduation this spring.

Michael Bailey, son of Jon and Ginger Bailey, will graduate from Bancroft-Rosalie High School on May 9, 2008.

Farm-Based Recreation and Development

One rural development strategy offered to enhance farm and ranch income and entrepreneurial opportunities in rural areas is farm-based recreation or agritourism. Latest data (2004) estimates that over 50,000 farms and ranches in the United States obtain some income from farm-based recreation activities.

A new report has significant implications for policy options to promote agritourism and important suggestions for organizations (like the Center for Rural Affairs) and agencies seeking to assist farmers, ranchers, and rural communities in developing initiatives based on agritourism.

Corporate Farming Notes

On March 4 and 5, JBS-S.A. of Brazil announced the acquisition of National Beef Company of Kansas City, America’s fourth largest beef packer, as well as the Smithfield Beef Group. In little more than a year, JBS has become the largest cattle feeder and beef packer in the United States. The Department of Justice has undertaken a premerger analysis to determine if the acquisitions by JBS are anticompetitive under U.S. antitrust laws.


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