Fingers Crossed

It still looks like the Farm Bill is on for tomorrow (they'll start debating later today, but no votes).  Almost certainly the first amendment up for consideration will be the Dorgan-Grassley payment limits, and then several others will be debated throughout the day.  Most likely, votes on the amendments debated tomorrow will be “stacked” Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning, held back to back, which makes it easier for Senators to show up and vote.  You know, instead of having to actually visit the Senate chamber multiple times thr

We Dare to Dream

 On Wednesday we went on a bit of a rant and received some nice compliments and ideas; both are much appreciated. Now it looks like something is actually about to happen with the Senate Farm Bill. 

On Thursday evening, some sort of breakthrough was achieved, and we were shocked into blog silence for several days.  But I have to think this is not a coincidence. Clearly, someone in Washington DC heard our cry for help, and a deal was made.  

Rhymes with "Musterluck"

From the Brownfield News Network:

In the meantime, Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid filed a second cloture motion on the farm bill Wednesday. Reid's last attempt to invoke cloture, or end debate and proceed to a final vote, came up short. Most political analysts believe that will be the case again when the cloture vote takes place Friday.

2008 MarketPlace Conference Update

We’ve been working hard to put together a great program for this year’s MarketPlace: Opening Doors to Success event. Things are moving along very well. This year we’re holding MarketPlace on Feb. 27, 2008, at the New World Inn in Columbus, Nebraska.


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