When Dan Speaks the President Listens

From a statement issued by Secretary of Agriculture Ed Schafer this afternoon:

"Today, the United States House and Senate announced the completion of a farm bill that unfortunately fails to include much needed reform and increases spending by nearly $20 billion. At a time of record farm income, Congress decided to further increase farm subsidy rates, qualify more people for taxpayer support, and move programs toward more government control.

And this.

This Farm Bill Needs a Veto.

We appear to be right up on it- a farm bill will probably pass Congress before May 16th. It appears the deals are (almost) done. All that remains are few contentious issues, and we're not all that concerned with how those turn out because all of the options on the table, frankly, stink like a hog lagoon in mid-August.

So while we haven't seen the final language of the entire farm bill, we have a pretty good idea of where everything stands. There are wins, and there are losses, but perhaps more important is to remember where we are and where we came from.


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