Development Matters … tis the season

I often joke with my daughter, Abby, about Christmas being, “just around the corner.” I usually make that comment in July or August, it’s funnier that way. But here we are in December, with the holiday season upon us.

This is a time when many people make decisions about charitable giving. Most of you have received our annual appeal, and the response has been generous. We have set an ambitious goal of raising $150, 000 this year from individual donors. We are on pace to raise a full third of that goal in the first three months (by December 31st).

New Role for Center Policy Organizer

Kathie Starkweather has stepped down from her full-time position at the Center, but continues to work with us part-time on farm bill advocacy and organizing the annual Marketplace: Opening Doors to Success conference.

There's No Such Thing as a "Level Playing Field"

It is one thing to create or fund a program in the farm bill- be it rural development, conservation, beginning farmer, etc. Those are tough fights, but they are fights over the distribution of resources. They are important and make a real difference. But the toughest fights are over things that cost little or no money at all. Those fights are over the structure of agriculture and agriculture markets. Right now, in the 2007 Farm Bill, the two structural fights before us are true payment limitations and

Regulate This.

Now that we got the non-germane commentary out of the way, a brief survey of some great news stories this week.

David Gumpert has a great piece in The Nation about the over-regulation of local food production:

Just a Quick Note

Before we dive into topics that people actually might care about, a brief Thanksgiving observation:  The true measure of food consumption success on a holiday is NOT having to break out the elastic waistband pants.  It’s when you have to get the scissors to cut the elastic because the pants are still too tight that you know you’ve truly succeeded as a holiday eater.

Thanks to KStark for making me realize this. 


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