Well Said

After our initial Senate Farm Bill blog post, we found a great- really great- summary on the state of Senate Farm Bill politics. So we're going to excerpt that instead of writing another one ourselves. Steve Kopperud of Brownfield gets it right, and we encourage you to read the whole thing. More information on the money situation came to light yesterday, and we'll have more on that in our next post.

We're Not That Special

Now that we have a pesky presidential election that some in the media feel worth is covering, there have been a flood of stories about the preferences of rural voters. Evidently we are a critical “bloc” in the next election. I suppose I can live with that.

Maurice Wilder on YouTube

It's almost too good to be true. My colleague's favorite farm-subsidy-recipient Maurice Wilder is on YouTube! Mr. Wilder, as you might remember, is the single largest recipient of farm program subsides in recent years. A multi-millionaire in his own right, Wilder received a total of $3,217,158 in farm program payments from 2003-2005. Dan has a post from earlier this summer all about Maurice, or as he likes to call him, the King of Farm Subsidy Payments.

Back in the Saddle

There has been a series of Senate farm bill articles over the past weeks, and we’re going to do our best to give them their due. Now is the time to wade into the wonkishness, read the tea leaves, and generally try to understand the disparate bits of news that trickled out of the Senate Ag Committee last week. The basic, underlying point: nobody has any clue how the Senate farm bill process will turn out. None. And don’t believe anyone who tells you different. But there are some clear po


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