Webinar: Food Service Staff Explain How They Do Farm to School

We kicked off our first of three Farm to School webinars by listening to three Nebraska food service staff. (Watch above!) They were rock stars as they shared how and why they have participated in local food procurement and farm to school activities. The stories ranged from scratch cooking techniques and working with local farmers and ranchers to using produce from a school greenhouse (and planning for it).

Want more? We have two more webinars coming up. Details are below.

Farmers and Ranchers: Reach a New Market with Sales to Schools

Target Audience: Nebraska Food Producers
Date/Time: Tuesday, October 27, 2015, 2-3pm →  Watch the video here! 
Presenters: Donna Handley, Nebraska Department of Education- Nutrition Services, School Lunch Program Specialist; Sarah Browning, University of Nebraska, Extension Educator; Ryan Pekarek, Farmer Owner of Pekarek’s Produce in Dwight, NE

This webinar, designed for Nebraska food producers, will discuss key points for farmers and ranchers to consider when you work with schools as a market opportunity. Walk in a food service director’s shoes with Donna Handley, School Lunch Program Specialist with the Nebraska Department of Ed. What requirements and needs do school food service staff face when serving school meals? Sarah Browning of University of Nebraska Extension will discuss the farm food safety procedures farmers and ranchers should consider, as well as helpful training resources that are available to address farm food safety topics. Finally, from experienced farmer Ryan Pekarek, how and when do you approach schools, and how do you go about planning your growing season? This webinar will introduce food producers to the opportunities available when selling to schools, as well as considerations to take when planning for success.

Farm to School: Farmers, Learn an Easier Way to Make the School Connection

Target Audience: Nebraska Food Producers
Date/Time: Wednesday, November 11, 2015, 2-3pm →  Watch the video here! 
Presenters: Justin Jones, President, Lone Tree Foods; Tini Van-Oehlertz, Food Service Director, Pius X Schools, Lincoln; Dawne Price, Farmer with Price Farms, Lyons NE

Hear three unique stories on farm to school and how Nebraska farmers have made the school connection. Justin Jones, President of Lone Tree Foods, shares how Lone Tree connects food producers to eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa schools. Food Service Director Tini Van-Oehlertz of Pius X schools in Lincoln shares her experiences purchasing local foods through the Nebraska Food Cooperative. And Dawne Price of Price Farms describes how and why she directly connected with Lyons-Decatur Schools and the on-farm activities she organized for Lyons-Decatur elementary students. There are multiple ways to connect with schools, and this webinar will provide insight on Nebraska farm to school opportunities for the food producer.