Your support is the silver lining this Giving Tuesday

Small Towns

Through Dec. 15, an anonymous donor will match all gifts, up to $12,000. That means your impact will be doubled, for example, your $50 gift automatically becomes $100. The money raised will assist with our ongoing pandemic response efforts.

At the Center for Rural Affairs, we believe in access to opportunity no matter where you live. This guiding value is especially prescient given the circumstances we all found ourselves in throughout 2020. No one has had it easy, and our rural communities are hurting.

In March, many rural people had the protection of being landlocked or geographically distanced. Even then, we felt the effects. We have been assisting people throughout this pandemic, but we cannot do it without the support of people like you.

Businesses, including those of most of our borrowers, were closed. It is still unknown how many will become permanently shuttered, but the forecast is not kind. Weddings were postponed. Funerals were held via streaming services. Unemployed parents had the stressful task of managing their children's schooling while also having to navigate unkind unemployment assistance and the shattered job market.

This year has not been kind to many, but we know that with your support, we can find a silver lining. You can make your donation at or by mailing it to P.O. Box 136, Lyons, NE 68038.