Study shows Iowans want presidential candidates to address climate change

Small Towns

A recent survey indicates a majority of Iowans want presidential candidates to address science-related issues, specifically climate change and energy.

According to the survey, conducted between June 13 and 19 on behalf of Research!America and Science Debate, 79 percent of 802 adult Iowans who responded to the survey would like presidential candidates to have a plan addressing climate change and 87 percent want them to discuss science-related issues.

Addressing a possible format for the discussions, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents agreed a possible format could be a topic-focused debate.

Of those who identified as Democrat, 97 percent agreed; as Republican, 84 percent agreed; and as Independent, 81 percent agreed. 

The data collected through this survey is similar to the qualitative data the Center for Rural Affairs is collecting through our work across rural Iowa. Individuals have identified the importance of addressing climate change impacts in Iowa and have taken actions to do so.

As part of our work, we are connecting with farmers who are implementing conservation practices that sequester carbon and improve soil health.

Citizens from rural communities are also attending presidential candidate events and asking them about their plans for addressing climate change in rural America.

Through their involvement, rural residents are showing that no action is too small, and we encourage them and others to continue reaching out to the Center to learn more about how they can get involved.