Staff spotlight: Maureen doesn’t take rural America for granted

Small Towns

Rural America has always been a part of Maureen Timblin’s life. She grew up on a farm in western Iowa, where her five brothers helped their dad with the family’s crops and livestock, and Maureen helped her mom around their home.

Her family worked hard, and ever since her childhood, Maureen has held immense respect for the people putting in that same dedication to keeping family farms and small towns alive—those responsible for bringing our food from the farm to the table.

“They work countless hours in all weather conditions,” Maureen said. “I’m grateful to be living in the Midwest—our quality of life is excellent because of the valuable resources that come from the innovative and dedicated people in our rural communities.”

Maureen still holds those folks in high esteem, and now focuses her skills on grant writing and applications. She recently joined the Center for Rural Affairs as grants manager associate, where she provides assistance to Center staff in preparing and submitting grant applications to various grant agencies and managing the duration of those grants.

“I became intrigued with the Center when I learned about the many resources it provides to hardworking people who are willing to improve and build on growth for a prosperous future in our nation,” Maureen said.

After spending several years working with federal and state-funded grant applications and grant processes for her previous employer, Maureen is excited about her new role working with Center staff, and hopes to make a positive contribution to the organization.

“My goal is to make the grant process more streamlined and efficient for all Center staff who are involved in every stage of a grant,” she said.

And, when she’s not at work, Maureen keeps herself busy exploring her hobbies, mainly genealogy. She also enjoys spending time with her kids and grandkids, as well as traveling to historical sites or national parks around the country.

Maureen splits her time between her home office and the Center’s office based in Lyons, Nebraska, and can be reached at or 402.687.2100 ext. 1007.