Staff spotlight: Kristine Flyinghawk selected for Nonprofit Executive Institute

Small Towns

Because of her excellence in leadership skills in the nonprofit world and commitment and service to the nonprofit community, Kristine Flyinghawk has been selected to participate in the Nonprofit Association of the Midlands (NAM) annual Nonprofit Executive Institute (NEI).

Kristine, the Center for Rural Affairs Native Communities Manager, is among 16 people selected for the 11-month leadership program. NEI is designed to offer nonprofit leaders skills and strategies to enhance organizational sustainability and transform the communities they serve.

The program focuses on seminars that develop organizational, prosperous, strategic, public, and program leadership.

“NEI aligns with my passions and future career goals, and offers vital opportunities for growth and enrichment,” said Kristine. “Participating provides collaboration opportunities with like-minded individuals in a field that will help me learn about the latest trends and developments. It also offers me the chance to develop professionally and personally, broadening my horizons, and exposing me to new ideas, perspectives, and cultures.”

Since 2013, the Center has supported community members in the Santee Sioux and Umonhon (Omaha) Nations by engaging them in decisions that affect the quality of their lives and the future of their communities through family and market gardening, and support for small-scale food and art-based business development.

“As a leader of the Center's work in Native American communities in northeast Nebraska, this opportunity to expand networks and connect with other emerging leaders from across the state will be enhanced by Kristine's participation in this program,” said Sandra Renner, Center Farm and Community director.

Native communities are an important audience for the Center’s work in food systems in Nebraska, Sandra said, and Kristine’s experience in the program will bring critical insights to the Center’s work.

“NAM, of which the Center is a member, is an organization we value for its quality programming and support it provides to nonprofits like ours, as well as opportunities for individual staff members,” said Sandra.

Kristine began the program in January, and is attending sessions in Omaha each month through November.

“Because of this program, I will be able to add valuable skills, knowledge, and insights to my work with the Center,” Kristine said. “I also hope to develop a more robust network of contacts, mentors, and colleagues that I can collaborate with in the future.”