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Veronica Reyes Spindola contributed to this blog.

There is never a dull moment in Guadalupe Aracely Vazquez’s life. From raising her children to planning parties of every kind, the decorator does it all.

Owner of Aracely’s Decorations, LLC, in Columbus, Nebraska, Aracely has always had an interest in planning perfect parties, and for the last eight years, she’s gotten the opportunity to turn her hobby into a full-time career.

“After giving birth to my triplets, finishing a college business class, and liking parties, I decided to do something I would enjoy that allowed me to take care of my family,” Aracely said.

With assistance from the Center for Rural Affairs, the event planner has been able to obtain everything she needed since the beginning of her business-ownership journey.

Aracely received step-by-step assistance from the Center in legal and operational matters. She also obtained two business loans, as well as COVID-19 relief assistance.
Starting off as the sole employee for her business, Aracely has now taken on another full-time employee and says her business is constantly growing, which allows her to continue doing what she does best.
“I organize social events—I make it easier for my clients to have a party,” she said. “I decorate, plan, and sell quinceanera and wedding dresses, and gowns for every type of event, and I also provide accessories kits.”
Though Aracely’s Decorations is located in Columbus, the business owner serves other communities, with contracts in Omaha, Lincoln, Norfolk, Grand Island, and more locations in Nebraska. Veronica Reyes Spindola, Latino loan specialist with the Center, has assisted Aracely in expanding her business.
“Aracely is a goal-driven person,” said Veronica. “She has so much energy and a strong desire to obtain the things she imagines for her business. I have seen her grow and get famous for her work—her parties are known for the beauty of her decorations. Aracely is an inspiration for others in the industry, and I am very pleased to work with her because every time she calls me, I am challenged and get to learn something new.”
The event planner loves what she does, and isn’t planning to slow down anytime soon. She has worked hard for her success, and is thankful for the assistance she’s received from the Center.
“I am very grateful, because with the Center’s help, I was able to get to where I am now, and I keep getting training, coaching, and financing products for my business,” said Aracely. “Thank you for all the help and support, for being there from the beginning, and giving my business the opportunity to keep growing.”
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Aracely's Decorations, LLC
2859 38th Ave., Columbus NE, 68601
Hours: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.