Apply for our School Greenhouse to Cafeteria Facilitation Program

Small Towns

By Sarah Smith, former staff member

We are currently accepting applications for our School Greenhouse to Cafeteria facilitation program for the 2016 to 2017 school year! We first told you the news last month.

Applications will be accepted now through July 25, 2016, and are available here. An announcement regarding awarded schools will be made by Aug. 5, 2016.

Four schools in Nebraska will receive one-on-one support from the Center for Rural Affairs in order to kick start or supplement a locally designed (and delicious!) school greenhouse to school cafeteria program.

Schools need to have a greenhouse available at the time of application in order to apply. Start up funds will be available for each awarded school.

The project managers for the awarded schools will:

  • Assemble a school team that can collaborate on efforts
  • Determine the use of start up funds
  • Participate in four webinars over the course of one year and four quarterly calls as needed
  • Work directly with the Center to design a production plan that fits the needs of both the greenhouse and the cafeteria
  • ​With assistance from the Center, provide an opportunity for participating students to join a tour of a local farm and/or greenhouse

Apply now if you are interested in learning with a network of peers and experts, and engaging your students with hands-on and meaningful opportunities to grow in multiple ways!

This unique opportunity is made possible in part by the Blooming Prairie Foundation, and supported by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska.