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Recent posts by Rhea Landholm

Rural rockstars: David and Connie Hansen are dedicated to rural life

On a July morning, the sky shone blue with puffy white clouds. Sand hills rushed past the windows, and a dust cloud collected behind our car as we made our way through central Nebraska. We found the driveway on a curve, several miles from the nearest town, with a sign proclaiming “Hansen Common Stock Farm.”

Farmers count on neighbors to shop at markets

Some family farms have been feeding our neighbors for more than 100 years, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Katie Jantzen is one such farmer. The fifth generation on her family farm, she grows produce, some of it to sell at farmers markets.

Farmers markets stimulate local economies, increase access to fresh, healthy food, promote sustainable farming practices that protect our water and soil, and preserve our farmland. However, none of these benefits are possible without farmers like Katie.

Beekeeping program launches

Those interested in beekeeping have a new learning opportunity.

The Center for Rural Affairs and University of Nebraska-Lincoln are partnering to offer Great Plains Master Beekeeping, a regional beekeeper training and certification program.

The program’s purpose is to increase the amount of well-educated beekeepers, to provide new and experienced beekeepers with resources to continue their education, and to help others become advocates for bees.