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Close the Health Insurance Coverage Gap

More than 2.6 million Americans are unable to access health insurance because they fall into the coverage gap - they make too much income to qualify for Medicaid, but too little to be eligible for tax credits that make private health insurance affordable.

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2016 Rural Enterprise Reporter

The Rural Enterprise Reporter is published annually by Rural Enterprise Assistance Project of the Center for Rural Affairs. It reviews activities over the past year. Scroll down to download the .pdf version.

Featured in the 2016 edition: 

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Gardens keep Santee Sioux traditions alive

About two hours west of Sioux City, Iowa, we dropped by the Santee Sioux Reservation to tag along with LeAnn Red Owl while she visits gardens throughout the community.

In the summer of 2016, LeAnn was one of the Center for Rural Affairs community food specialists who worked alongside members of the Santee Sioux and Omaha Tribes to improve access to fresh, nutritious food grown in their own communities, often in their own backyards.

Improving food systems, enhancing lives

Sharon Freemont sits on a stool in the evening, weeding the garden. Sometimes her three grandchildren join her.

The garden is surrounded by high grass, and beyond that, fields, shaded in the evening by a lone tree.

“It’s nice in the evening, I sit, relax and meditate,” Sharon said. “We sit and look at what we’ve done, it’s something we did all by ourselves.”

The family has a small garden at their home three miles outside of Walthill, Neb., on the Omaha Reservation.