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Wind Energy and Transmission Expansion Opposition

Part 5 of our Primer on Renewable Energy and Transmission takes us back to a March day when writer Loren Flaugh encountered his first serious opponent to wind energy expansion in Iowa.

I was in Sioux County, Iowa, at Rock Valley accompanying my wife to a meeting she attended. Rock Valley City Hall is just two doors down. Completely out of the blue, I walked in and asked the whereabouts of any economic development director. A clerk yelled back and out he wandered.

Landowner Wind Energy Associations Gaining Acceptance

This is Part 4 in our series Primer on Renewable Energy and Transmission by Iowa resident, writer, and friend Loren Flaugh. It stems from a presentation he gave to Iowa State University students in the spring of 2014. This episode chronicles the early development of wind energy associations.

Where landowner wind energy associations first seemed to take root was 10 years ago in the Rocky Mountain states like Wyoming and Colorado. Wyoming now has 10 ranging in size from 12,000 acres on up to the 148,000 acre Walker Creek Wind Association.

Property Taxes and Renewable Energy

This is the third installment in our series of articles from our friend and writer, Loren Flaugh, who lives in Central Iowa. We call his series the Primer on Renewable Energy and Transmission. Loren is a born storyteller, as you’ll see in his look at county property taxes and wind farms.

Remembering Community Life in Rural Mass

When people sign up for our newsletter, they often share their story. Here's a great essay from Andrea Morgan, who gave us permission to share it with you.

I grew up in rural Fairhaven, Massachusetts. Everyone knew their neighbors at their end of the town. We had a big yard where my mother enjoyed a big garden, and my cousin who lived upstairs played basketball every day with a group of friends on our huge driveway.