Groomin Room is a spa for your favorite canine


Sydney, a 200-pound Newfoundland, and Beatrixx, an American Staghound, get the royal treatment. Their owner, Rachel, is a dog groomer.

Rachel Pittner, owner of the Groomin’ Room in Minden, Neb., has always loved dogs. That led her to move to Rapid City, SD, to study dog grooming.

While at school and in the first portion of her career, she kept in touch with friends and classmates from her hometown – Minden.

“I had several people telling me they wish I was back here,” Rachel said. “I thought, well, I’ll give it a shot and see what happens.”

In October 2013, she opened the Groomin’ Room, with intent to purchase the building she was renting.

Things didn’t go as planned, and the building was sold. Rachel scrambled to find another location, and was able to pinpoint a vacant building to rent.

Again, the plan changed.

“The owner of the building now, he decided he didn’t want to rent it, he wanted to sell it,” Rachel said.

She talked with long-time friend Dena Beck, who is also on the Center for Rural Affairs staff, who said the Center may be able to help out.

“And they did. They helped me with the loan to purchase my shop,” Rachel said. “It was real easy. Dena was a big help in getting everything settled and situated, and helped me find who I needed to talk to.”

The Groomin’ Room has been in its new location for about a year and a half, and business is booming.

Rachel grooms between five and eight dogs per day, depending on the size of the pup. And, appointments are booked more than a month out.

“Business has been busy,” she said.

When a customer comes in, Rachel listens to what the client wants, then she’ll take the dog to the back. The first step is cutting the nails and cleaning the ears. If the dog is matted, she’ll remove the mats. Then it’s time for a bath, fluff dry and a haircut.

“I finish it off with a bandana and a little spritz of smelly good, and they’re ready to go home,” Rachel said.

She enjoys every dog that comes in her door, and fondly remembers Gordon, a Chinese Crested, who lived in South Dakota. The rescue pup was overweight with a thyroid problem, and had a “little attitude.”

“He would just waddle in,” Rachel said. “Then, when you tried to take his picture, he wouldn’t turn his head, almost to where he would hurt himself to turn and not look at you. He was probably one of my favorites.”

To see more of Rachel’s customers, check out her Facebook page. There’s an endless stream of canine cuteness.


The Groomin’ Room

601 N. Colorado Ave, Minden, Neb. 68959
Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.