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Recent posts by Brian Depew

America's Forgotten Children: The Rural Poor

Nickelodeon News recently tackled the issue of rural poverty and children. The 22 minute segment highlights rural poverty in three different communities in three different parts of the country. In each, the producers offer a glimpse of what rural children growing up in poverty today hope to offer their family or community when they grow up. Watch the video online at the Nick News website. It's worth your time.

Change Starts at the Top and at the Bottom: Thoughts on the Vilsack Appointment

The rural and sustainable agriculture community is inundated with opinions on President-elect Obama's pick to head the USDA. Listservs are burning up, the phones in our office are ringing, and one organization even launched a new website dedicated to criticizing the announcement. Grassroots activists, political insiders and reporters all want to know -- what do you think about Tom Vilsack?

Whoa folks. It's just the Secretary of Agriculture (not to begrudge you anything, Mr. Secretary).