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Recent posts by Brian Depew

Medicaid changes will be a major plus for Nebraska

Recent attacks on health care reform demonstrate that some of its most vocal critics understand neither its costs nor the value of making health insurance more affordable to Nebraskans.

The dispute over Medicaid illustrates the case.

Health reform will help more low-income working Nebraskans qualify for coverage through Medicaid. Medicaid has worked well since 1965, ensuring basic care for low-income people and sharing the cost between the state and federal governments.

Crystal Clear TV, Unless You Live Too Far Away

There's an untold story developing in the conversion to digital television.

No. It's not all of the chatter about consumers needing more time (and a coupon from the federal government) to buy and install a converter box. It's also not the legislation that President Obama just pushed through congress to delay the formal switch until June.