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Recent posts by Brian Depew

Did Climate Change Drink My Apple Cider?

I bought a cider press at an auction last week. I am really excited to make apple cider this fall. The last two years, I had a bumper crop of apples. That sounds like gallons and gallons of cider to me.

But after last night, I am wondering if I should put the cider press back up for sale. You see, my apple trees were in full bloom before the end of March when temperatures hit 90 degrees.

Ask the Candidate: Rural Health Care Questions

Right now you have more access to candidates and elected officials than usual. They are campaigning for your vote in November. This is your chance to ask about issues you care about. On rural health care, these are a few important questions to ask.

Delivering Value in the Health Insurance Marketplace

If set up right, the new health insurance marketplaces will be able to organize individuals and small businesses into larger groups that are able to negotiate for better deals.

State legislators face an important decision in implementing the Affordable Care Act. Will they set up the new state-based insurance marketplaces to bring consumers together to negotiate with insurance companies for a better deal – or will they elect not to.