The big impacts of shopping small

Small Business

Many of us have heard about Small Business Saturday, a day dedicated to supporting small businesses and communities across the country, which falls on Nov. 28 this year.

More than likely we have also heard the phrase “shop small” but you may have asked yourself how big of an impact shopping small can have?

When we purchase from a local store we don’t only receive the benefits of that product or service. On average, 48 percent of each purchase at a local business is invested back into the community, according to Civic Economics. That is a stark contrast to a mere 14 percent at chain stores.

Additionally, small businesses donate 250 percent more than larger businesses to nonprofits and community causes according to data compiled by SCORE.

This means that each dollar of a local purchase stretches to not only impact the family who owns the business but is proven to also aid in creating jobs and strengthening public resources. We can make a difference in our communities by supporting businesses just outside our doors.

While every day is a great day to shop local, many businesses have featured products or services on Small Business Saturday. This holiday season, shop locally with the confidence that every dollar you spend will be a gift to both the intended receiver and your community.