A Nebraska Thursdays Producer Story: Green School Farms

Small Towns
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Gary Fehr, Green School Farms, near Lincoln, Nebraska, sells vegetables to area schools.

Markets I sell to

“I grow market vegetables and primarily sell via Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA), direct to schools, at farmers markets, through contract growing, and wholesale distribution.”

Best selling product to schools

Cucumbers, bell peppers, spinach, and baby leaf lettuce

Do you deliver?

“I deliver most of my products, except for wholesale items, which I take to the specific drop off point. To date, I have delivered within a 25-mile radius.”

Producing food for schools

“It is satisfying to get healthy food into schools. I believe we are as healthy as what we put into our bodies. Moreover, I believe nutrition starts with the soil. The health of our soil, bodies, and communities are inextricably linked. Also, the more we can make students aware of the importance of how food is produced, the more knowledgeable they will be as consumers later in life.”

“The challenge is to define programs that schools can recognize as legitimate and worthy of participation. There will always be a few early adopters in food service programs, but we need to make the advantages discernible and attractive to a broad audience within food service and school administration. ”

Ideal way to sell to schools

“I would bid to supply product at a certain price and then supply that product to the school over the period defined in the bid.”

Find Green School Farms at facebook.com/GreenSchool​Farms