A Nebraska Thursdays Producer Story: Abie Vegetable People

Small Towns
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Mark Roh, of Abie Vegetable People and co-owner of Lone Tree Foods,  provides fresh vegetables to local schools. Abie Vegetable People is located near Abie, Nebraska.

Favorite aspect of selling to schools

“The volume of food we are supplying and knowing that we can provide better food for the kids are the most enjoyable parts of selling to schools.”

Best selling products to schools

Zucchini and tomatoes

Do you deliver your food?

“Through Lone Tree Foods, a local food distributor, we deliver to Omaha Public Schools and Lincoln Public Schools. It depends on the level of commodity, but as long as the customer is compensating, we will deliver anywhere in Nebraska.”

Providing in the future

“We would like to offer more salad mixes and green beans. We were surprised to learn that schools didn’t think kids would eat green beans with stems. Cucumbers, zucchini, cantaloupe, and cherry tomatoes are pretty easy to provide, so we’d like to sell more of those items.”

Storing food for schools

“We have a large cooler space available for storing products for schools.”

Ideal way to sell to schools

“Ideally, there would be some funding for schools or a program that would pay the difference if locally-grown food was costing more. I’d like to see a program that would facilitate long-term relationships with school buyers and growers.”

Contact: Find Abie Vegetable People at facebook.com/AbieVegetablePeople