2017 Annual Report & 2018 Wall Calendar

Small Towns
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This 2018 calendar illustrates month-by-month the accomplishments you helped us achieve in 2017. With your help, small businesses are open and expanding;  food systems are created and thriving; and rural people across the country are making their voices heard. Your donations and your actions helped lift the future of the Center and the people we serve.

From our executive director:

This calendar illustrates some of your most uplifting successes from the last year. 

Your support and your actions in each of your own communities make up the Center for Rural Affairs. Together, our reach stretches from small towns and farm fields all the way to the halls of Congress. 

In small towns, we’re working with aspiring business owners to provide training, coaching, and access to capital. Each small business owner we work with, like Rachel (September) and Ana (May), reflect a dream and an opportunity. 

In farm fields, we’re working alongside women (March), new immigrants (April), veterans (June), and tribal members (July). Together, we are answering the call to create healthy food systems while being good stewards of the land. Our shared values are strengthened by their determination and innovation.

In Washington, we’re working to amplify your voice as Congress drafts a new farm bill (August). Victories you helped win in the past are up for renewal, and a new farm bill represents our best opportunity to defend past gains and make progress on new policy ideas.  

Your actions and your values are the common thread binding our work together. This is true in both good times and challenging times. With you, the Center for Rural Affairs will continue to stand like a rock to represent the best of rural America. I am proud of the work we accomplish together