Vibrant Small Towns Embrace Art and Self-Expression

Pablo Picasso said the purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls. And if you look in small towns and rural places you will find art and cultural expression in the most unlikely of places. Small towns develop art and cultural experiences to encourage tourism and create local economic opportunities, certainly. But they also recognize that successful efforts to revitalize their communities and mainstreets depend on something deeper than simple economics.

Is Rural America Hazardous to Your Health?

This article was contributed by Jon M. Bailey, former Rural Policy Program Director at the Center for Rural Affairs. You can reach him at

Those of us who live in rural America often proclaim its positive attributes and its extraordinary quality-of-life.

However, a recent article in HealthLeaders Media raises an interesting question based on extensive data and surveys of rural health care providers. Is rural America hazardous to your health?