Public Power Gives Nebraskans a Voice in their Energy Future

Electricity is essential for our communities, businesses and households. Nebraska is the only public power state, giving Nebraskans the ability to elect board members that represent our interests and needs, and be leaders for Nebraska’s energy future. Ratepayers-owners have a responsibility to be engaged, and they deserve to have their voices heard by public power and state agencies that make decisions with long-term impacts.

Students eat healthy and learn with tower gardens

After providing a lesson in the kindergarten classroom, we cut the lettuce to put in the school lunch program. Two students started jumping up and down saying “Yes! We get a salad for snack today!” The teacher said, “No that lettuce is going to go toward feeding the school today at lunch. We get graham crackers for a snack.” The whole class sighed in disappointment. -Christy Hodges

Farm to School programs are emerging around the Midwest, and the Center for Rural Affairs is in the midst of the momentum.

Colorado Farm Opportunity

A farmer and longtime friend of the Center for Rural Affairs is retiring from his farm and ranch operation in the dryland area of Montezuma County, Colorado.

The seller is interested in transitioning the farm to a beginner. The seller is willing to offer favorable terms to a buyer who is aligned with the seller on values and vision for the farm.