Conclusion: Primer on Renewable Energy and Transmission

Over the last year, we’ve been chronicling Iowa writer Loren Flaugh’s look at the development of wind power. It came from a presentation he gave to Iowa State University last spring. In our last episodeLoren had met his first serious opponent to wind energy development. As projects moved forward, public hearings brought out crowds, both pro and con.

Aligning Capital and Justice

In 2015, the Center for Rural Affairs will reach the $12 million mark in small business loans. Aligning loan capital with our values of widespread ownership, control, and opportunity is a core strategy for our work.

How did we get here?

In 1977, the Center published Where Have All the Bankers Gone?, reporting on changes in the ownership structure of banking. Banks were consolidating. When small-town banks joined a consolidated chain, more of their customers’ cash holdings went to big-city banks in the chain.

Community Voices Important in Wind Siting

Approximately 100 residents from Cortland, Hallam and surrounding communities met at the Cortland Community Center in January to discuss the proposed development of a wind farm in the area and other related issues at a Wind Information Forum hosted by the Center for Rural Affairs and Lancaster County Farmers Union.


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