Community Gardens and Farmers Markets Help Restore Healthy Food Traditions

How ‘accessible’ is food to you? I mean this not only in the sense of how far must you walk or drive  to get to some fresh snap peas, for instance, but also in the sense of ‘food literacy.’

When are carrots the sweetest, and why? What exactly is gravy? How exactly does one ‘dry’ a tomato? Which vegetables have the most protein? Are all calories created equal?

Do you know how or when you gained this knowledge?

Farm Bill 2014: This Is Not Reform

President Obama signed the Farm Bill into law on February 7, 2014 in East Lansing, Michigan. Some refer to the bill as a mixed bag. While there are some good provisions, many of which you helped us advocate for over the past few years, the Center for Rural Affairs opposed the final Farm Bill.

From the Ground Up

The Center for Rural Affairs recently released a report, From the Ground Up, Addressing Key Community Concerns in Clean Energy Transmission, which examines the clashes that can arise between communities and transmission line developers and the causes of those clashes, with a unique focus on proposing a set of solutions to those issues.

Food Safety Rules Go Back to the Drawing Board for Improvement

Several months ago, we reported that the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) had written rules as a result of the Food Safety Modernization Act. We also reported the rules were potentially hurtful to small, diverse, organic, or sustainable family farmers.

In response, we submitted comments to FDA on how the rules must be better. Without improvements, many farms and food entrepreneurs may have gone out of business.


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