Wind Turbines Bring Economic Development Dollars to a Small Town in Minnesota

Wind energy has grown a lot over the last few years. Energy produced from wind farms has become competitive with fossil fuels, and development of new wind projects continues across the country.

The Great Plains and Midwest are well positioned to continue playing a lead role in the future of renewable energy development. Especially since states in the region boast some of the best wind energy resources.

Page Memorial Hospital: Where Things Are Looking Up

We recently posted an article by Brian Depew on rural hospitals closures across the country. We used the photo of Page Memorial Hospital in rural Virginia. Today we received a very polite note from Carol Weare, Public Relations Manager for Valley Health in Winchester, Virginia.

Carol said: "We were a little surprised to see a photo of one of our not-for-profit hospitals framed up under your blog post, 'Rural Hospitals Closing at Rate of 1 Per Month.'

Dollars and Sense of Health Care Access in Nebraska

On Mar 8, the Center for Rural Affairs released a Rural Policy Brief examining the basic economic and income issues for all Nebraskans connected to expanding Medicaid.

Nebraska is one of 17 states not adopting Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. This has left thousands of working Nebraskans without access to affordable health care. The economic consequences of this decision are significant.

Supper Would Have to Wait

A day doesn’t go by when I don’t read an article or hear from some expert on the news about the importance of “making yourself a priority” and “taking care of you.” I imagine the people who come up with this stuff live a very different lifestyle than myself and others residing on a farm or ranch and in rural America.