Iowa Harnesses the Power of Wind

The power of wind is no secret to Iowans, 85% of whom favor wind energy over every other generating source. That support has meant a lot for the state's wind energy industry. In 2013, Iowa received 27% of its energy from wind - more than any other state in the US.

Investments in wind energy haven’t just provided renewable energy to the state. They have also brought new economic opportunities to communities across Iowa.

Hemingford: Made from Scratch

It all started in Judy Stewart’s junior high health class. Judy, the school nurse at Hemingford public schools, was teaching the nutrition section. She heard lots of comments from the students about their wish for better, fresher food in the school cafeteria. Judy is not the first educator to hear students complain about their school cafeteria, but she recognized a valuable teaching moment and seized it.

Water is Life

Here in the west, we understand that there is much truth in the old joke that whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting. Rural and small town America depend on water and our neighbors downstream count on us to preserve the quality of that water for their use as well. And farmers and ranchers are the tip of the spear when it comes to protecting water quality because much of our surface water falls first on American farms and ranches.

Grant-Writing Workshops Available in Nebraska

Interested in finding resources to help build your local farmers market? Jump starting your school's Farm to School program? Expanding your CSA? This often means applying for a grant, but maybe you haven't written one before. You're in luck! A few grant writing workshops are available in Nebraska!


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