Change Is Needed for the Ella’s of Our World

I became a first-time grandfather last September to a tiny cutie named Ella. Her entry into this world was supposed to be in November. Her first three weeks were spent in a neonatal intensive care unit. Seeing her fighting to thrive in this world was quite an emotional ordeal.

When I see Ella’s smiling face, it gives me warm, fuzzy feelings. If you have children and grandchildren, you know what I mean. But it also makes me think about what our children will face in the coming decades. 

Groundbreaking Rule Will Limit Carbon Emissions

Every year, our nation’s fossil fuel-fired power plants dump 2.4 billion tons of carbon emissions into our air, accounting for 40% of our nation’s carbon footprint. Carbon dioxide is a known heat-trapping gas and one of the leading causes of climate change. The U.S. has set limits on other harmful emissions like arsenic, mercury, sulfur, lead, and cyanide, but astonishingly, there are no limits for carbon emissions.

People in 4 States Discuss Climate and Agriculture

Over the past three months, we’ve heard many of you speak your thoughts on climate and agriculture. You have shared common-sense ideas to make rural America more adaptable and resilient in an era of more extreme weather and climate changes – on your farms, in your businesses, and in your communities. You care about conservation and good stewardship, and you’ve found that renewable energy is an economically viable solution.


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