A Tale of Two Rural Americas

An opinion editorial in the Des Moines Register on Sunday, Dec 7, 2014, calls for President Obama to fulfill the pledge he made to Iowan’s when campaigning for their votes in 2007. He promised to reform federal farm programs by closing the loopholes mega-farms use to get around the payment limits by subdividing their operations into multiple paper corporations.

Local Solutions Keep Rural America Connected

Laws in Colorado and 19 other states prevent municipalities from providing broadband internet service. In Colorado and a few other states, local citizens must pass a referendum to allow their municipality to offer internet service. On November 4th, voters in seven Colorado counties passed such referenda, providing greater access to what has become an essential service - broadband internet.

Christmas Bazaar offers Unique, Local Holiday Shopping Experience

Black Friday and Small Business Saturday have passed, but there is still plenty of time for holiday shopping. And for those who aspire to shop local, a great opportunity exists, especially if you're looking to support beginning farmers, artisans and craftspeople close to home.
On Saturday, December 13th, check out one of the most unique holiday shopping experiences you'll find in Northeast Nebraska ... or anywhere.

Put Family Farmers Back into Farm to School

Farm to School programs appeared in the 90s with a three-way focus: fresh, local foods in schools; agriculture and nutrition education in classrooms; and purchases that support local family farms. Years since have seen these programs grow to include 40,000 schools and 23 million students.


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