Bancroft-Rosalie: Farm to School Capitalizes on School’s Rural Setting

March Madness was in full swing at Bancroft-Rosalie Community School this year. The school, located in Bancroft, Nebraska, participates in the Center’s pilot Farm to School program. Naturally, there was a Farm to School twist on their brand of March Madness.

Each year, kindergarten through 4th grade students choose their favorite breakfast menu item and invite guests to eat at school. This year’s competition was called “Pennies for Produce.”

It’s Not All About Organic

A growing number of people equate sustainable farming with organic farming. That is a mistake.

At the Center we look beyond labels and focus on our core values of stewardship, community, and ownership. We ask if a farming system protects the land, soil, and water. We ask if it encourages widespread ownership and how it impacts community.

Good Wind Development Requires Community Outreach

When you think about new wind energy development, what comes to mind? Do you think about local schools, police, and fire departments benefiting from property taxes? Perhaps you count the number of new jobs on the horizon. Or the payments landowners will receive for hosting turbines on their land.

It’s true that renewable energy can help grow rural economies. Yet the biggest question most people have is this: “How will this project impact me and my home town?”

Community Outreach a Perfect Fit for Monica Braun

Monica Braun is the director of the Women’s Business Center (WBC) of the Rural Enterprise Assistance Project (REAP) at the Center for Rural Affairs. This role is a perfect fit for her rich background in community outreach and deep roots in south central Nebraska.

She graduated from Superior High School and attended the University of Nebraska, where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Consumer Science. She also received a graduate degree from UNL in Education and Family Resource Management with a minor in Ag Economics.