What If Rural Really Mattered?

My War on Poverty desk, that’s what I call it. The Center doesn’t go in for fancy office furniture. My desk is an old government surplus model with a metal tag that says “property of US government.” I think it was discarded while the Nixon administration was dismantling the War on Poverty and Don Ralston and Marty Strange were founding the Center for Rural Affairs.

REAP Women’s Business Center Year in Review

The REAP Women’s Business Center (WBC) has just entered our 13th year of funding. Through three-quarters of the year, REAP business specialists provided 1,750 hours of business counseling (including preparation hours) to 472 clients. We organized 132 trainings, and 1,271 people have received training. Of those trained, 63% were women. Approximately 80 start-up businesses received assistance.

Oil and Water Don't Mix

The Keystone XL pipeline threatens natural resources that rural folks depend on. The pipeline is not in the best interest of America’s small towns or those that depend upon agriculture for their livelihood.