Land Link Sneak Peek

Goat herd in MontanaAspiring Goat Farmers Seek Opportunity: A young couple would love an opportunity to develop their own goat operation. They’re loaded with experience – wrangling, horse training, organic vegetable production, and goat ranching.

Now Introducing: Hank Rohling

I was raised on a steady diet of advocacy for economic justice and stewardship of our land, air, and water. My dad put the fire in my belly, and this DNA surely thrives amid the culture and work of the Center for Rural Affairs.

My role with the Center leads me to you, our faithful friends and prospective new ones all across America, to build relationships and gain essential support. I’m here to help you find your best way to stand up for rural America.

Congress Should Preserve Wind Industry Jobs

According to the American Wind Energy Association, at the height of the wind energy sector’s expansion in 2008 and 2009, wind turbine manufacturing employment peaked at more than 85,000 jobs at large turbine assembly plants and smaller manufacturers constructing related components for turbine assembly and operation.


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