Lame Duck Must Confront Tough Decisions on Taxes

The central decision confronting Congress during this lame-duck session is bringing the federal budget closer to balance. In 2000, America had a $236 billion budget surplus. But following 9/11 our nation fought two wars – and cut taxes rather than pay for them. A financial meltdown sunk us into the deepest recession since the great depression, reducing tax revenue and prompting new stimulus spending.

Lame Duck Inaction on Farm Bill threatens Innovation

Congress has unfinished business to tackle during the lame duck session, including the Farm Bill. If congress fails to act, or passes a short-term extension without adequate funding for conservation and rural development, crucial rural investments will be in jeopardy.

“I’m Not Done Here” : Wyatt Fraas Celebrates 20 Years

Anybody who has worked with Wyatt Fraas knows that he represents that rare individual whose impact goes both deep and broad. Working one-on-one with a beginning farmer or tackling how agriculture can mitigate climate change, he’s left an indelible imprint on the land and the people who manage it.


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