Get Your Advocacy On!

A new year brings new opportunities, as well as challenges. At the Center for Rural Affairs, you know we’re dedicated to creating genuine opportunity for rural people and communities. By successfully engaging lots of you in the public policy decisions that impact your lives and your communities, the odds of success skyrocket.

Over the next several months, it’s especially critical for Nebraskans to engage in decisions being made in the legislature. There will likely be bold proposals introduced that we believe will harm rural Nebraskans and their communities.

Your Opinion: Clean Energy and Rural America

Your thoughts are important to us. They shape our work, shape our positions, and tell us where we need to improve and what we need to do better.

Ultimately, we’re an organization that relies heavily on our supporters, the average citizens of rural America, to let us know where we can be most effective and where we can make the biggest difference. It’s this partnership that makes the Center for Rural Affairs the best organization it can be.

Study Finds Diversified Crop Rotations Profitable

Iowa State University research shows diversified crop rotations can be as profitable as corn-soybean rotations, while reducing the need for purchased farm inputs and addressing challenges presented to farmers by climate change.

Most climate researchers predict more extreme weather – droughts, downpours, and hot spells – presenting profound agronomic challenges. Farmers will need healthy soils that absorb heavy rain and hold it for dry periods, and cropping systems that reduce the risk of total crop failure.

Across the Nation: Post Offices-Veterinarians-Plant Zones

Missouri Prepares for Reduced Post Office Hours: In south central Missouri the post office and people of rural Pomona prepared for reduced hours.

KBIA, Mid-Missouri Public Radio reported that a similar story has played out all around America as cuts by the US Postal Service go into effect. About 4,000 offices nationwide will reduce hours. The Pomona postmaster relief, Anna Carnefix, says, “Nothing is changing as far as what they can expect out of the post office other than the hours.”

Wyatt Fraas Celebrates 20 Years

Wyatt is that rare individual whose impact goes both deep and broad. Working one-on-one with a beginning farmer or tackling how agriculture can mitigate climate change, he’s left an indelible imprint on the land and the people who manage it. Here he takes a look back at his 20 years and some of the changes he’s witnessed in his career at the Center.

What kind of changes have you seen in the last 20 years working with beginning farmers?


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