Washington Town Keeps Marching Forward (and Loudly!)

Census figures were just the thing to light a fire under the people of LaCrosse, Washington. At one time it boasted a population of 1,000. But now that number has plummeted to 310. This has resulted in limited resources and abandoned buildings and homes.

John Stucke of the Spokesman-Review was told by wheat farmer Randy Myklebust that, “This is not an impossible situation, but a situation full of possibility.” He recently bought an older home and is restoring it.

Maine Fishermen Look toward Aquaculture

Even folks here in Nebraska love sea scallops! But, overfishing has been an issue. Chris Arnold for National Public Radio explains that, “In Maine, scientists and fishermen are learning how to farm, instead of catching, more types of sea critters.”

Previously, success has been limited because “larval scallops take a long time to grow and don’t do well in a hatchery.”

Land Link Sneak Peek

Southeastern South Dakota Acreage for Sale: Picture 10 acres with two houses (one could be used for rental income) near Hayti, South Dakota. The main house features two stories, 1,536 square feet, three bedrooms, 1.5 baths. Did we mention the sunroom with Jacuzzi?

Rural Americans Care About Our Energy Future

As Election Day rapidly approaches, elected officials and candidates for public office are criss-crossing rural America eagerly seeking votes. And that creates an opportunity for those of us that live in America’s small towns and rural areas to ask candidates about their views on renewable energy and other crucial rural issues.

What Medicaid Expansion Means in Nebraska

Under Obamacare, the expanded Medicaid program would bring in at least $2.9 billion from the federal government by 2020, potentially financing more than 10,000 ongoing Nebraska jobs, according to a report from the UNMC Center for Health Policy.


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