University Establishes Rural Futures Institute

The University of Nebraska's new Rural Futures Institute has great potential to help revitalize rural Nebraska. If it achieves that potential, it may offer a model to other states’ universities for better serving small communities. It could also help reinvigorate the historic mission of land grant universities to help rural people build better lives and stronger communities.

What Happens Now with the Farm Bill?

What happens now that Congress failed to pass a new farm bill or extend the current one for another year? Some programs will continue, while others will not. At least not until Congress does their job of not only passing a farm bill, but passing one that works for rural America.

Diverse Generation Grows the Field of Agriculture

The New York Times reported on the growing trend of college graduates entering agriculture. They noted the diverse backgrounds and majors of this new generation of agriculture.

One such example was Abe Bobman, 24. He studied sociology at Wesleyan University in Connecticut before coming into farming.

Census numbers have charted a decline in the number of farms for decades. However, the latest Agricultural Census in 2007 noted a 4 percent increase. The Times observes this is the first such increase since 1920.


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