Lame Duck: Level the Energy Playing Field

As we recover from the election season’s barrage of insults, advertisements, and acronyms, I don’t blame you if your eyes begin to glaze over when we mention the PTC. Unless you’re a career politician, we can all agree you’ve earned a bit of a break.

If you are a politician, though, you don’t get a break. It’s time for you to work. It’s time to extend the Production Tax Credit.

Lame Duck: Inaction on Farm Bill Will Halt Innovation

Congress has plenty of unfinished business to tackle during the lame-duck session. Will the Farm Bill be one of them?

Here’s what is at stake if they fail to act during the lame-duck session. Funding for conservation and several important rural programs is in jeopardy, programs that help create a future for beginning farmers and ranchers and rural communities alike.

The Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program will stop making grants to provide training, mentoring, business and marketing planning, and much more for beginning farmers and ranchers.


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