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Growing Healthy Food Systems

This issue brief anchors a project to create a food policy council for Nebraska. It is intended to get you thinking about the opportunities and challenges to be faced in developing food policy councils. The data is Nebraska-specific, but you can use the structure and ideas to tackle the same quest in your location.

Good food policy and effective coordination between our food system’s stakeholders will produce strong farms, a resilient food economy, and a healthy future for all residents - whether in Nebraska or your location. Together, we can build a better food system. 

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Zoned Out: An Analysis of Wind Energy Zoning in Four Midwest States

This paper examines the many facets of wind energy zoning. Part 1 outlines zoning approaches practiced in the United States. Part 2 looks at methods of regulating wind energy development in four Midwestern states - zeroing in on Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Nebraska. Part 3 analyzes state and local control of wind energy regulations. A combination of state and local governance of wind energy facilities are the most beneficial for developing effective commercial wind energy zoning ordinances that encourage wind energy development.

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