Let the Data Tell the Story for Your Business

Every business collects data in one form or another. This data may be financial, demographic, sales, marketing, customer relations, or some other type.

Data is an important source of information that can help you answer critical questions about your business. It can help you figure out if you are profitable or not, and if not, what part of your business needs to be changed and what changes might help.

REAP among Best Microlenders in the US

According to numbers provided by the Small Business Administration’s Jody Raskind, Chief of the Microenterprise Development Branch, during a presentation on April 16, REAP made 68 loans to small businesses in the state in Fiscal 2011, the ninth-most loans out of more than 150 microlenders in the country.

Can You Think Boldly about Nebraska’s Rural Future?

By Kayla Schnuelle,

Globalization is rapidly changing the world. To create a successful future, we must be able to anticipate and manage change.

The Rural Futures Conference honed in on how to manage change in rural places. This inaugural event was sponsored by the University of Nebraska and held in Lincoln in May. It drew about 450 people.


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