Colorado Launches Health Insurance Co-op

If you are a farmer or rancher or live in a small town, chances are you’ve used a co-op to get a better deal or better service. Imagine if this model could be applied to your health insurance provider. Starting in 2014, Colorado residents can purchase health insurance through the Colorado Health Insurance Co-op, sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union.

Across the Nation

Washington: “Volunteer Forces Harder to Maintain”: NPR station KUOW 94.9 in Washington state reports that “changes in rural America are conspiring to make volunteer forces harder to maintain.” This means communities have a harder time taking care of emergencies.

Elimination of Income Tax Would Burden Middle Class

In an Aug. 29, 2012, article in the Lincoln Journal Star, Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman was asked about reports that he is considering a plan to eliminate the state income tax and replace the revenue with elimination of an array of sales tax exemptions. Governor Heineman responded, “Every option I can think of is on the table now,” and “We’re at the idea stage now.”

Top 10 Signs You Are a Rural Elected Official

10. You get a call from an angry constituent about a county worker driving 20 miles under the speed limit.

9. You are late for your meeting because every place you stop you see friends and need to stop a minute to visit.

8. Your job as a city council member includes feeding the ducks in the park pond.

Survey Gauges Needs of Small Business Owners

Since 2008, the Center’s small business development program (REAP) has surveyed Nebraska businesses every other year about their concerns, needs, and training desires. Questions on business performance, technology use, health insurance coverage, and other areas are included.

The results of the 2012 Small Business Needs Assessment are being shared across the state. In the next few newsletters, we’ll bring you snippets we gathered. Here’s a look at what’s on the minds of Nebraska small businesses when it comes to training.


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