Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans Turn to Farming as a Career

Last year we conducted a series of workshops for Armed Services veterans who want to farm. Boy did we learn a lot!

Nearly half the veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars hailed from rural towns, and many now want to farm. A range of training and educational programs is becoming available around the country for these prospective farmers.

Nebraska Winds Blow Hard, but Renewable Energy Development Fails to Keep Pace

Wind energy is thriving, especially in the Midwest. Known for its huge agricultural potential, Midwestern states also have some of the best potential for wind power. That makes our region prime real estate for wind energy developers.

But our home state of Nebraska is being left behind by neighboring states. As a result, we’re missing out on the benefits of wind development. Nebraskans have watched development boom in nearby states due to incentives that draw developers.

Countdown Begins for Health Insurance Exchanges

While it seems like summer is just beginning, October is right around the corner. Know what that means? Get ready for affordable health insurance! This October, your state will unroll its new health insurance marketplace, or “exchange.” This marketplace is where, if your employer doesn’t provide good health insurance, you’ll be able to shop for private health insurance that you can afford.

Let Democracy Work

Our country was founded on the bedrock principle of democracy. We frequently urge you to weigh in with your representatives to support or oppose legislation. That’s what makes democracy work – active participation by people like you. You elect representatives, tell them what you think, and in turn you expect them to govern.

Recently we’ve witnessed antidemocratic tactics weakening rural health care and threatening the bedrock principle of democracy.

Take two examples.


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