Shortchanging Our Rural Heros

Most of us our familiar with the Walter Reed scandal that was all over the media a few months ago. What doesn't get as much press is the difficulties faced by veterans trying to access VA hospitals and services, especially veterans living in rural areas. From the Boston Globe:

Yes Virginia, There is a Future in Agriculture

Here at the Center for Rural Affairs, we're constantly asked if there really is a future for farmers in agriculture. Usually, this question comes from somebody who lives in an urban area, or a jaded activist who has lost too many battles on the policy front. The answer is simple. Yes, there is a future in agriculture. But it is not easy. Farming and ranching are a tough business.

Dorgan can end hypocrisy

Democratic congressional candidates scour the countryside for votes by proclaiming themselves the champion of the family farmer and little guy. Now they control both houses of Congress. It’s time for them to put up or shut up by addressing the long-festering need for limiting farm subsidies to mega farms in the 2007 farm bill.<br/><br/>

Looking Out for #1

A couple of articles today highlight the use of biotech crops, and the general international resistance to buying, feeding, or consuming them. Genetically modified seeds have proven enormously popular in the United States, but proof of the beneficial effects of such crops to actual farmers -and society as a whole- often seems to be lacking. Usually, it seems the beneficiaries are seed companies, not farmers.


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