Wal-Mart Chicken Sourcing

After several days spent back home again in Indiana, I'm here in Lyons and itching to post. First, let me say thank you to all who have helped us come tantalizingly close to achieving our $15,000 fundraising goal by May 15th. If you haven't contributed, please consider doing so. To the news.

Rural America Needs A New Generation

In 1900, the work of 30 million Americans, or 39% of our population, produced our food supply. Today fewer than 2% or 2 million Americans farm for a living. Only 70,000 of those are farmers under the age 35, compared to twenty-five years ago when there were 350,000 farmers under the age of 35.

Hope Springs Eternal

On the seven mile stretch of road between our family farm and my hometown, there used to be eleven farms, now there are three.

Reaching for the Finish

Almost a month ago now, I told you that the Center was in the very beginning stages of a campaign to raise $15,000 by May 15th. At the time I wrote:

You may have noticed. We're trying to raise $15,000 in individual donations by May 15th. That might be pocket change for some of the larger non-profits that raise money online, but at the Center for Rural Affairs that is real money.

Shortchanging Our Rural Heros

Most of us our familiar with the Walter Reed scandal that was all over the media a few months ago. What doesn't get as much press is the difficulties faced by veterans trying to access VA hospitals and services, especially veterans living in rural areas. From the Boston Globe:


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