feature: Essence of Organic Farming

The term “organic” means many things to many people. Unfortunately, a lot of disinformation and misinformation is causing confusion for consumers and growers alike. Many believe organic farming is all about what cannot be used to produce a crop. In reality, organic farming is all about how the product was raised and processed.

Nebraska Grassland Conference

The seventh annual Nebraska Grazing Conference will be held at the Kearney Holiday Inn on August 7 and 8. This year’s sessions include prominent specialists Jim Gerrish, Harlan Hughes, Darrel Mark and Derek Bailey.

Their sessions will include grassland monitoring, stocking based on weather and cattle cycles, leases, ethanol impacts, and livestock/wildlife management. Other sessions include goats, technology, fire, and panels of senior and younger graziers.

Ecological Farming Association Hiring Executive Director

The Ecological Farming Association (EFA) is seeking an experienced and dedicated executive director to lead the organization in its next phase of growth and development. EFA is a 27 year-old nonprofit corporation based in Watsonville, California, dedicated to educating and informing farmers, policymakers and the public about economically viable practices of ecological agriculture.

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Blogging for Rural America

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Dear Senator Nelson
The following letter about the lack of competition in livestock markets was set to Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson by Center for Rural Affairs’ board member Jim Knopik. Jim was kind enough to share the letter with us for publication here as well.


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