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The Center unveiled a new website in early March. The new site features improved navigation and fresh content. We are also using new software to manage the site, and we are redoubling our efforts to deliver relevant online content in an easy to use format.

Visit the site at, and let us know what you think. Whether you are a regular user, or a first time visitor, your feedback will help us build a more effective website.

Upcoming Farm Bill Meetings in District

Notice of Farm Bill Meeting GraphicThe upcoming congressional recess allows House and Senate Agriculture Committee members to spend time talking to constituents in their districts.

Risky Business

At some point in our lives we probably all dream of becoming an entrepreneur, being our own boss, and running our own business.

Mean What You Say

In a world where packers own all the hogs and cattle, what need is there for farmers and ranchers? That question haunts me as the farm bill debate progresses.