Farm to School Initiative in Nebraska

The landscape of food on children’s plates here in Nebraska is rapidly transpiring into healthy and delicious bites. If you are looking for help to get started, check out our Farm to School Guide. Or Find a Nebraska Farmer in your neighborhood.

Some highlights of Farm to School in Nebraska include:

  1. More than a dozen pilot schools are bringing the farm to school.
  2. Food producers are learning the nuts and bolts of selling to schools. Marketing, business planning, and creating farm food safety plans are coming in handy too.
  3. Schools are addressing the common barriers of buying locally. Each one is discovering their own path to reach their farm to school goals.
  4. Agricultural producers realize that another market opportunity exists and local dollars stay within the local economy.
  5. We had success with our Regional Farm to School conference, the Statewide Farm to School Summit, and Nebraska's 1st Farm to School month.
  6. Above all, there is shared motivation to positively impact the lives and health of over 3.5 million Nebraska school children.

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If you missed some of our Farm to School factoids, have no fear! We've a recap below.



The National Farm to School Network (NFSN), founded in 2007, sprouted from the desire to support community-based food systems, strengthen family farms, and improve student health. NFSN was launched by a collaboration of more than 30 organizations seeking to shape the burgeoning farm to school movement, which has grown from a handful of schools in the late 1990s to approximately 38,000 schools in all 50 states today.

For more information about the Farm to School program sponsored by the Center of Rural Affairs, contact Sarah Smith, 307.321.9766.