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Entrepreneur expands mental health services thanks to REAP

Megan Gewecke’s desire to understand the inner workings of the human brain began well before she opened her own business as a Licensed Psychologist.

As a young child, science was always her favorite class, and she never missed an opportunity to help others in need.

Land and legacy: transitioning today’s property to tomorrow’s owners

The Center for Rural Affairs strives to help landowners utilize their property to its best potential—how to care for the land so it is fruitful for generations to come.

Landowners today are faced with the issue of how to handle land transitions or changes in ownership when the time comes, a key conversation Center staff urge landowners to have with their families and loved ones. Recently, the Center partnered with Practical Farmers of Iowa to bring several showings of the play “Map of My Kingdom” to rural communities in Nebraska and Iowa.


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