Women’s Learning Circle Presents: Small Livestock and Meat Production - Center for Rural Affairs hosting event at area farms near Raymond, Neb.

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Sandra Renner, sandrar@cfra.org, Phone: (402) 320-3444
or Elisha Smith, elishas@cfra.org, Phone: (402) 687-2103 ext. 1007

Lyons, NE -  The Center for Rural Affairs will host the third in its series of learning circles of women farmers and landowners in eastern Nebraska to provide sustainable farming and conservation education and outreach. Small Livestock and Meat Production will be held at Davey Road Ranch and Branched Oak North Farm, near Raymond, Neb., on July 9, 2016.

The circles are co-led by agricultural professionals at the Center for Rural Affairs and farmer-leaders. They provide education on successful and sustainable production in a changing climate.
"We encourage any woman who is interested in farming or already farming to participate,” commented Sandra Renner with the Center for Rural Affairs. “Our first two circles have been well attended and look forward to gathering together again to learn more from one another."
Renner added, “Whether beginning or established farmers, experienced landowners or new to management, we have seen that women on farms largely share a commitment to environmental, economic, and social sustainability. Most raise a combination of specialty crops and small livestock, often with organic practices.”
According to the Center for Rural Affairs, learning circles are an important, innovative method for giving participants the knowledge, confidence, and support they need to enact change. In addition to learning from experts, our group will engage in peer-to-peer learning.  Women farming largely share a commitment to environmental, economic, and social sustainability, and the learning circle model supports engagement between women.
Participating women are considered the “experts” on their own production, farmland, and conservation needs, and are encouraged to speak about their own experiences and goals rather than passively listen to a professional in a traditional lecture format. This format builds knowledge, confidence, and community.
Event Details:
 Women Farmer and Landowner Learning Circles: Small Livestock and Meat Production
Saturday, July 9, 2016
9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
Davey Road Ranch
6505 W Davey Rd, Raymond, Neb. 68428
Branched Oak North Farm

17303 NW 70th Rd, Raymond, Neb. 68428
Topic: Small Livestock and meat production:  Participants will tour two farms in small livestock and meat production guided by Tammy Austin at Davey Road Ranch beginning at 9 a.m., and then moving over to Branched Oak North Farm for a tour led by Angie Kubalek.  At these farms participants will see herds of hogs: American New Guinea, Old Spot, Durocs, Hampshires (to name a few breeds), along with ducks, chickens, and goats.
Light refreshments and snacks will be provided after the learning circle.
Since space is limited, interested participants are asked to register in advance by July 6 to reserve a space. Contact Sandra Renner at sandrar@cfra.org or (402) 320-3444 to register or for more information about the event. Individuals interested can also RSVP to this event on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ruralaffairs/events).
Save the date for upcoming Women’s Learning Circles:  Sept. 10 - Working with NRCS, FSA programs, and Hoop Houses at Common Good Farm near Raymond, Neb., and October 29 - A tour of Great Plains Nursery near Weston, Neb., and Working with Conservation Programs & Policy at Prairie Plate/Lakehouse Farm near Waverly, Neb.