Coal vs. Wind

Nebraskans are proud of being the nation’s only public power state. Public power means local control. Public power means you are in charge, that your opinion can have a real impact. Now is your chance to exercise that right.
Nebraska Public Power District, the state’s largest generating utility, is considering spending over $1.5 billion to retrofit Gerald Gentleman, an old, dirty, and increasingly expensive coal-fired power plant.

Spending this money now is effectively committing the state to decades of reliance on coal-fired power, and decades of missed opportunity across Nebraska.

The cost to retrofit coal-fired power-plants could double or triple the cost of the electricity they produce. In 2010, NPPD’s average rate was 7.35 cents per kWh and for early 2012 it was 8.55 cents per kWh – a 16% rate increase due to the increased cost of coal-fired power.

According to 91% of Nebraska voters, wind power is the answer. Nebraska has the 4th best wind resources in the country. But we lag far behind neighboring states in developing wind power.

Replacing one unit at Gerald Gentleman with wind power would create 2,624 new jobs, 275 which last the life of the project. It would also pay Nebraska landowners almost $2 million in lease payments while bringing in almost $3 million in property taxes.

Will Nebraska be stuck paying more and more for coal and coal-fired power while missing out on real economic opportunity for Nebraska’s rural communities?

NPPD is close to making their choice. Now is your chance to weigh in.

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