Hop Aboard an Open House--Clean Line is Coming

On June 3rd, if you’re around Pocahontas County, you’ll have a tremendous opportunity to learn about the Rock Island Clean Line Energy transmission project. The Clean Line Energy Partners will host an open house that day at the Pocahontas County Expo Center in Pocahontas from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
Iowa has amazing wind resources. But the lines transporting electricity out of rural areas are overcrowded, or in some cases, nonexistent. Transmission is all about moving electricity. Think of transmission lines as a highway system. Sometimes highways get old, or congested, and new connections need to be built.

This delays wind development, because there’s no way to move the energy from producer to consumer. Clean Line Energy Partners wants to build a transmission line from Iowa to states further east, connecting Iowa with electricity-thirsty customers. Like a new highway, it will create jobs and business opportunities.

Building towers and laying cable will require contractors, in addition to the amenities that crop up around new workers. The line will create an estimated 5,000 construction jobs during the building phase, and over 500 operations jobs once the line is complete.

New transmission lines affect communities, so it’s important that your voice is part of the process. Public participation improves these projects. If you can’t attend, you can contact Clean Line at their website, www.cleanlineenergy.com.

The Center for Rural Affairs supports clean transmission projects that carry renewable energy like the Rock Island Clean Line. You can learn more, and see other transmission projects, on our website: www.cfra.org/clean-energy-transmission-map.

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