Transmission Development Means Jobs

The Grain Belt Express transmission project will create over 5,000 construction jobs and $7 billion in new wind farm investments, spurring economic and renewable energy development in rural Kansas. Constructing towers, laying cable and maintaining wind turbines will employ thousands, creating economic growth in the rural communities along the expected route.
The express will deliver 3,500 megawatts from wind farms in Kansas and Oklahoma to states further east. The new transmission wires will bring electricity from areas with abundant wind to demand centers where that electricity is most needed.

The project will yield millions of dollars in property tax revenues for landowners, while reducing the amount of pollutants in our environment. And it will deliver enough clean energy to annually power 1.4 million homes.

Kansas ranks second nationally in wind potential, but ranks only fourteenth in installed capacity. The Grain Belt Express will help rural Kansas more fully develop its wind energy potential, and positively impact other industries.

More available electricity will lower costs for consumers, while giving them the option of buying clean, renewable energy. New, high-voltage direct current lines require less land than older lines, reducing the impact on property owners, communities, and the landscape along the route.

The Grain Belt Express project is in the planning stages. They are securing property rights and meeting with stakeholders for feedback. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2014. Follow the Grain Belt Express’ progress and learn more about transmission and ways to make your voice heard at:

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