Preserve Investment in Nebraska's Future

The Governor's tax proposal, LB 970, threatens our ability to invest in education for our children, health care for children and the elderly and investment in rural communities.
The proposal will create a deficit of more than $700 million by 2014, forcing even more drastic cuts down the road. Such fiscal mismanagement is what we expect from Washington, not Lincoln. 

While the pain would be shared widely, affecting schools, counties, and access to health care for children and seniors, the greatest benefit would go to the state's wealthiest.

Most Nebraskans will see only $100, or about $8 per month, in reduced taxes. While families making $1 million dollars or more will see more than $1,100 in tax relief. Less than $1 in every $6 of the proposed cut would go to the 60% of Nebraskans who account for the heart of the middle class and anyone earning less. 

The proposed tax cut is particularly risky for rural Nebraska, where counties, towns, schools and health programs have already lost critical state funding. It would force deep spending cuts on schools and local governments, prompting them to raise property taxes.

A coalition of State Senators, including members on both sides of the political spectrum and members from across Nebraska have already spoken out against the plan. In the final days of debate, a majority of Senators should join them.

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