National Entrepreneurship Week is Upon Us

This week, the week of February 18-25, is National Entrepreneurship Week. It was so named in recognition of the contributions of entrepreneurs and to celebrate and nurture the entrepreneurial spirit.
Entrepreneurs create many jobs and economic opportunities in America, especially in our rural communities. They take the biggest risks to capture opportunity where others fear to tread.

Revitalizing rural America requires us to encourage entrepreneurship, stimulate innovative community development, and open up new opportunities for farming and ranching enterprises.

One program that thousands of small business owners across the country have benefited from is the Rural Microentrepreneur Assistance Program, which provides loan capital and training grants to organizations, like the Center for Rural Affairs, who work with small business owners in rural areas.

Perhaps a business in your community has been helped by this program.

Unfortunately, Congress cut this crucial investment in November, citing the need to decrease spending. However, programs like the Rural Microentrepreneur Assistance Program generate new economic activity for businesses that otherwise may not be able to get started or grow.

We need investment in our rural communities, and we need to fight for rural development programs within our government. In the coming year, the Center for Rural Affairs will be fighting for both to be adequately represented in the Farm Bill. We’ll let you know about ways to take action and opportunities for your voice to be heard.

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