Celebrate National Entrepreneurship Week 2012

It's risky to create a new business opportunity and often means treading ground where few have ventured before. But the rewards outweigh the risks by providing not only a satisfying lifestyle for entrepreneurs, but crucial jobs and economic opportunities for so many in our rural communities.
National Entrepreneurship Week is held February 18-25, 2012 in recognition of the contributions of entrepreneurs and to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit.

The Center for Rural Affairs is hosting MarketPlace in celebration of National Entrepreneurship Week and to provide networking, information and entrepreneurial skills that empower Nebraska’s entrepreneurs and rural communities to succeed.

Revitalizing Nebraska requires us to encourage entrepreneurship, stimulate innovative community development, and open up new opportunities for farming and ranching enterprises. MarketPlace, Nebraska’s premier entrepreneurship event, does just that by energizing entrepreneurs, small business owners and community leaders and connecting them with each other and with service providers who can help make their efforts even more successful.

The event will feature hands-on learning opportunities focusing on finance, marketing, small business development and more for potential and existing business owners; community leaders; and youth interested in entrepreneurship. Participants will come away from MarketPlace equipped with strategies on how to grow or start their own business.

MarketPlace will take place in Kearney, NE at the Ramada Convention Center on Wednesday, February 22, 2012. Other entrepreneurship opportunities available through the Center for Rural Affairs and other service providers will also be on exhibit at the conference. For more information visit – http://www.cfra.org/marketplace/ne-12.

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