What is an Entrepreneur Anyway?

It is popular in the current political climate, to talk about entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. The President talked about entrepreneurs several times during his recent State of the Union address. And policy debates in Lincoln and Washington, DC on issues as divergent as health care, taxes and economic development often focus on the impact on entrepreneurs in either support or opposition to the policy up for debate.
All this begs the question, what’s an entrepreneur anyway? The best definition for entrepreneurship I’ve found was conceived by Harvard Business School professor Howard Stevenson almost 40 years ago. He said, “Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled.”
That’s why entrepreneurs create so many jobs and economic opportunities in America, and especially in our rural communities. They take the biggest risks to capture opportunity where other fear to tread. Rural Nebraska has more than its fair share of entrepreneurs. And they are poised to help lead our state and nation from recession to recovery.
It is crucial, therefore, that we all find ways to support the cadre of fearless entrepreneurs that live among us. On February 22, 2012, the Center for Rural Affairs will again host Nebraska’s premier entrepreneurship event – Marketplace, at the Ramada Inn & Convention Center in Kearney, Nebraska. At Marketplace everyone will have an opportunity to network with Nebraska’s most cutting edge rural entrepreneurs and learn about the myriad resources available for entrepreneurial development. Check out www.cfra.org/marketplace/about-ne12 and register to attend!

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