The Voice of Rural America

Nearly 60 million people live in America’s small towns and countryside. So it’s imperative that the farmers, ranchers, small business owners, and community leaders speak up for the issues that affect them and others who call rural America home.
But being sparsely scattered across the nation, it’s difficult to have a unified voice. And it’s not always easy or popular to stand up for yourself and what you believe in.

That’s where the Center for Rural Affairs comes in. The Center is the preeminent voice for rural America’s family farms, ranches, mainstreet businesses and small towns.

The Center works to establish strong rural communities, social and economic justice, environmental stewardship, and genuine opportunity for all while engaging people in decisions that affect the quality of their lives and the future of their communities.

Staff and supporters of the Center for Rural Affairs meet with senators, representatives and administrative officials in Washington, organize meetings and attend gatherings...reaching thousands of people directly.

The Center is not just the voice of rural America - it’s the place to find out the latest news and issues facing rural areas. The Center’s free monthly newsletter, website, and blog contain hard-hitting, one-of-a-kind coverage of issues impacting rural America.

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