Grassroots Leaders crucial to Rural Nebraska

Nebraskans know what it means to come together. And we know that to make our communities better we need hard-working, creative grassroots leaders. Fortunately, there are shining examples of that leadership across our state.
Grassroots leaders also help make better public policy. Nebraska grassroots leaders have helped develop policy that fosters entrepreneurship, both rural and urban. Nebraska blazed a trail by creating the Microenterprise Assistance Program, which provides loans, business planning, marketing assistance and much more for entrepreneurs across our state.

Nebraska also created the Microenterprise Tax Credit Program that provides a refundable tax credit to those entrepreneurs making investments in starting a business or expanding a business.

These efforts would not have happened without grassroots leadership. But in order to build upon these victories we need to build a stronger, more consistent voice and presence. That’s why the Center for Rural Affairs is committed to building a network of vital grassroots leaders - a core group of leading advocates for small business policy in Nebraska.

Big businesses hire high-paid lobbyists to protect their interests in the Legislature. Small businesses can't do that, but we have a voice, and we know that we can be heard if we work together.

Toward that end, we're organizing a Unicameral Policy Leadership Training at the Nebraska State Capitol in Lincoln on Tuesday, April 19 from 8:30 to 3:30. We'll lay out an action plan, and you'll get hands-on experience visiting with your Senator. I hope you’ll contact me and RSVP today!

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